Haunting of the Queen Mary Trailer

Haunting Of The Queen Mary ft. "It Had To Be You" -  Official Teaser Trailer (TW:Gore)

I'm on to you music video

I'm On To You as featured on CMT

Tiffany Ashton is a Nashville singer-songwriter, recording artist, GRAMMY academy voting member, and Hollywood Music in Media Award winner. This year, Ashton is featured on the Lakeshore Records soundtrack “Haunting of the Queen Mary” featuring her updated rendition of the timeless song “It Had To Be You (dark version)” produced by Tommee Profitt (NF, Hunter Hayes, Avril Lavigne). The soundtrack will also include additional tracks performed by Tiffany Ashton and included in the Gary Shore (“Dracula Untold”) directed film set to debut in theaters, VOD, and Hulu this Fall. Tiffany is also gearing up to release a personal project, a new wave of music that is sonically fresh, blurring the lines of country and dark pop.

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