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Southern Sweetheart

Friday night bonfires in tank tops and cut-offs
With her hair blowing ‘round in the passenger seat of his pickup truck
Boys necks are turning while daddy’s fuse is burning ‘cause she’s only 16
She’s got the heart of a rebel no one can tame
Born to be wild, born to be free

She’s a Southern Sweetheart when she walks in the room
Just a Georgia peach grown from country roots
Sugar and spice with a reckless side
A sassy little thing in cowboy boots
She’s a Southern Sweetheart

Growing up the princess of a backwoods town
Never afraid to feel the clay on her feet, a cowboy hat was her crown
Fiery grace and a beautiful face, an angel like no other
She’s got a heart of gold and a gypsy soul
With a level head on her shoulders

Steady as a river with a cross around her neck
She’s rooted in what she knows and there she’ll stand, ‘cuz
(Repeat Chorus x2)
She’s a Southern Sweetheart