1. Reckless
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The moment I met you was the collide of two worlds
A reckless, rebel boy, and a naïve girl
Miles from innocence, you lived life on the edge
But the thrill that you gave me is something I won’t soon forget
You were like a flame when I shouldn’t play with fire
So now I’m to blame for being burnt by my own desires

‘Cause you were running in the fast lane, far too gone to save
I didn’t know it then but loving you was useless
You loved me then left me like you do with everything
Passion so intense- and Reckless

It was the way my heart went wild when you whispered my name
The way you looked at me that sent adrenaline through my veins
Never would have guessed all the games you really played
So now here I am, broken, deceived and betrayed
In the ashes of our love I’m watching you walk away
Though I gave my all, I’m burnt but you’re unscathed
Oh and Reckless

My greatest night, my hardest fall, I loved with all I had, but did you love at all
A Casanova, rebel heart so careless -so Reckless
(Repeat Chorus)
The collide of two worlds….