1. The Only Guy
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He looks my way, I meet his gaze, with a smile I know is fake
Blue eyes, I can’t call mine, what a beautiful mistake
From the way he talks I want to know this amazing girl
‘Cause when he kisses her and holds her close, she’s holding my whole world

He’s the dandelion I blew in the breeze, wake up at night, he’s in my dreams
Talking ‘bout how she has his heart
He’s my penny in the well, but should have looked before I fell
‘Cause you can’t rewind a shooting star
He’s everything I want and more- The Only Guy I’m Wishing For

Laugh ‘til we cry, I’m broken inside, should have told him from the start
I’m not fine but I can’t cross this line without tearing us apart
I’m hiding all the questions I can’t get out of my head
What does she have that I don’t, can’t he love me instead

The time for what ifs has come and gone wishing he could hear this song
Instead I’ll cry myself to sleep and pray she knows she’s lucky
(Repeat Chorus)