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Kicking back, going with the flow, sea foam rushing in between my toes
Staring at you beneath my shades, can’t help myself when you look this way
Ocean blues, sun in your hair, the heat is rising I the salty air
Let this tide carry us away, stay right here forever, baby, what do you say

Beach blonde hair blowing on ocean breeze
Sun kissed pure bliss in a bikini
It’s tan legs, bare feet, you shooting me a wink
It’s everything I need, Paradise You and Me

Crashing waves, Hawaiian Tropic lotion, chasing me on the beach out into the ocean
It’s falling, laughing, getting soaked, kissing on top of a convenient store float
Paradise You and Me

Ray-Bans, white sand, head resting on your chest
Beach bar, moonlight, can’t we stay just one more night… please
(Repeat Chorus x2)

Paradise You and Me, Paradise You and Me